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Owner Dilemma: Should You Keep Driving for Your Limo Company?

Limousine industry statistics show that the chauffeur business is largely comprised of small, independent operators with between one and five vehicles. In order to earn a living, most new business owners assume every role within their company, from office manager to primary chauffeur. But while multitasking can help get a fledgling business off the ground, […]

Steps to Take When Buying a Limo Business with a Partner

They say that two heads are better than one. Buying a limo company with a partner can mean splitting the cost, workload, and risks associated with going into business. Unfortunately, it can also mean doubling the trouble.

Why Comparing Limo Business Value Is Counterproductive

Business owners often make the mistake of assuming they can price their company based on the value of similar limo companies for sale. But while it sounds counter intuitive, comparing two limo businesses is like comparing apples and oranges.

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